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Kothamangalam is known as the sports capital of Kerala and Mar Basil has played an active role in it. The school has facilities to train around 100 students. It has a sports hostel and gymnasium for both boys and girls. Inorder to maintain international standards, the school has obtained the services of professional trainers and possess state of the art medical fitness check facilities etc.
Mar Basil has been achieving amazing growth in the sportsfield for the last ten years. The school that was nearly 'zero' in 1998 is utterly a 'hero' of today's sports world. Prof. P.K Mathew the formeer manager of the school has taken a major step towards the sports filed in 1999 by posting Mr. Jimmy Joseph and Mrs. Shiby Mathew as sports teachers and by giving practice to the nearly 30 students of that time. In the same year the school has many achievements in the state and national level. Our school was the first school which won championship in Amature Athletic meet. C.M Manoj whose name was written in golder letters in the history of sports won 5 gold medals in the 'interzone National Meet' held at Laknow. That was a splendid inspiration to school as well as management for giving more emphasise to the sports and games. The golder flutters of the Mar Basil Higher Secondary school made Kothmangalam as the centre zone of sports in kerala. Many state records are there in the name of our athlets.
Mar Basil School has a major role in the shining performance of kerala team in the National Meets. Since the year 1999 , Mar Basil athlets had achieved 44 gold 36 silver and 21 bronze for kerala stage in the National Meet held and different places.
The contributions and Co-operation of our school management is an inevitable factor behind the glorious achievement of our school. The management is giving free food and accomadation for about 100 sports students. They are also providing all the facilities such as sports goods, hostel warden , special coaches, medicine ..etc. The management is giving more concern to games and well as sports. The financial support from Government is inadequate for any of the activities in this field. At the same time, the support from SAI sports authority of India is a blessing. They supply sports kit and other sports equipments besides the stipend giving to the children’s.
Basil trophy tournament is the first step of Mar Basil towards the sports world. The tournament that started in 1963 and still continuing now shows our heridity in teh field of sports. It is on of the best school football tournament.
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  Mar Basil Higher Secondary school has completed 75 glorious years shaping new generation. Today (30/7/2010) is the inauguration for the one year long platinum Jubilee celebrations.


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